This will depend on the status of your order. Please check Order Tracking to find out the status of your order.

If your order is at 'Order - In Processing', or 'Order - Processed', then that means it has not yet been moved onwards to picking and packing. Within your account there is the option to 'cancel' your order. If you cancel your order, then create the order again with the correct details then this will be the quicker option for you.

If your order status is 'Awaiting Dispatch' then it may be possible to amend it. To change your delivery address please contact us by logging into your account and raising a support ticket with your Order Number and include details of the amendment(s) required.

Customer Care will then reply to your message to either confirm that the amendment has been processed, or to advise if it has not been possible to amend the order for any reason. If your order status is 'Despatched' or any other stage, no order amendments are possible.